The Galaxy's Greatest Knowledge

In a Single Convenient Field Manual

Think every space hero was born with an army of laser-firing minions?

Think it’s easy to maintain a healthy rivalry with your archnemesis?

Think again! 

Intergalactic News Flash: Even a rookie like yourself can become the next great Space Hero. But there’s more to it than seducing alien babes or swapping one-liners with our first mate. How will you combat the evils of helmet hair? Can you win a no-win scenario? If you want to survive the ‘Verse, you’ve got a lot to learn, Cadet.

The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory is a step-by-step illustrated guide that will take you from home world half-wit to interstellar idol. Filled with lessons gleaned from your legendary predecessors—including Han Solo, Captain Kirk, and Kara Thrace—you’ll learn the difference between laser and phaser, how to assemble a crew of brilliant misfits, and the basic piloting skills to avoid warping your starship straight into a black hole.

So suit up and get reading, Cadet. Space needs its next Space Hero!

Available Feb. 3 2015 from Sourcebooks, wherever books are sold.

ISBN: 9781492602996

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Space Hero’s Workbook

Define your path to the stars with The Space Hero's Guide to Glory Space Hero's Workbook!

You’re one of those people who purchases electronic copies of books. Good for you! It’s much easier to handle a technogizmo in the dark reaches of space than it is an anachronistic pile of dead tree matter, especially when the pages keep freezing and sticking together when you’re trying to figure out how to survive being accidentally shot out an airlock.

The bad news is, your lovely ebook copy of The Space Hero’s Guide robs you of one of the print edition’s key features: The Space Hero’s Guide Space Hero’s Workbook!

These pages are provided to help you determine your Space Hero future as you read. Take notes, write down favorite ideas, and even create some drawings!

With the Space Hero’s Workbook, you can:

  • Map your future by defining everything from what kind of hero you mean to become, to the kind of ship within which you’ll likely meet your heroic but grisly demise.
  • Pick your rough but lovable ragtag crew, and plan some hot and deadly interactions with your future arch-nemesis.
  • Decide on signature hairstyles for your head, face and body.
  • Grab some crayons and draw it all to help you remember!

The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory Space Hero’s Workbook. Ask an adult help you print it out today! Click here to download the PDF.